RELX Group NLP Specialist in Amsterdam, Netherlands

NLP Specialist

Category: Data Research & Analytics

Location: Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands

In line with the Elsevier corporate strategy of greater content volume, types and sophistication, the services that Elsevier provides are becoming increasingly dependent on Smart Content. We are looking for an NLP Specialist with a background in designing and creating systems that apply machine learning and information extraction techniques.

You will provide expertise, advice and support in the implementation of a wide quality management framework for enriched and annotated content. As an NLP Specialist you will be working with our business units on developing our content and information offering to end customers. These services rely on existing text and data mining processes. These processes are a blend of manual and automated information extraction. We want to introduce more automation to these processes by capturing human inputs and learn from those. Also, we want to assist human extraction by enhancing automated extraction processes targeting specific problems such as table extraction and interpretation, tackling the translation of non-English content and improved filtering of information for relevance. Ultimately, machine learning tools suggest enrichments that compete with human-generated data or even replace human excerption efforts.

As an NLP Specialist you know of the state-of-the-art tooling in capturing content and translating human annotation tasks to machine models. You will be working in Elsevier Operations with a varied and cross-functional team of IT and product colleagues to pilot and develop new methods of extracting and surfacing information relevant to our customers for new product development. When successful, you will support the implementation of industry-scale high-quality production systems.

Your responsibilities

  • Qualitymanagement for Document Structuring and Information Extraction

You will work closely with domain subject matter experts responsible for quality assurance of annotations done manually by suppliers. You will obtain relevant product and content knowledge to understand current quality assurance procedures. You will also use your NLP/ML knowledge and the group’s expertise to help developing best practices for quality assurance of data extraction and annotation done manually by external suppliers or internally by automatic processes. You will play a key role in applying your knowledge of NLP/ML to build a bridge between stakeholders involved in application of NLP/ML and the quality assurance of manual annotation. In this context it is important to communicate efficiently with these stakeholders, and link product content and quality knowledge with development and application of NLP/ML methods.

  • InformationExtraction and Data mining

You will bring active experience in Natural Language Processing into the organization. You know the techniques to normalize texts, get texts out of PDFs and Xml files, identify the features and rules mechanisms that are necessary to capture the information desired from unstructured data. You will bring new processes into the organization in order to improve (in cost and time-efficiency) the data annotation and information extraction processes that Elsevier owns. You will have experience with knowledge modelling and semantic technologies to address the complexities of translating unstructured information into structured form.

  • Contributeto the content strategy

You will actively contribute to product strategy by identifying and ingesting new technical capabilities to forward Elsevier mission of leading the way in advancing science, technology and medicine. Using the available base data, the NLP specialist will actively promote new ideas of using this data to enhance our competitive offerings. It is a definite advantage if the NLP Scientist has the vision and skill to use visualization tools to present extracted data to stakeholders or end-users.

  • Dataanalytics to support businesses and products; visualization techniques

Analyze extracted information to drive such information retrieval, inferencing and advanced data analytics. Data analytics can also be used to identify research trends, or drive decisions for end users. You will act as a trusted resource in new development projects in Elsevier, you will also be able to act as a liaison between IT developers and (content) subject matters experts, translating information needs into software development.

  • Serveas internal and external specialist on Machine Learning techniques

You will serve as one of the NLP experts in the wider Content and Innovation team. Actively contributing to a culture of product and process innovation, you will be a trusted resource in new development projects in Elsevier. Also to external partners, the NLP specialist may represent Elsevier's NLP team.

  • University graduate (Master or PhDlevel) computer science, computational linguistics, bioinformatics, artificialintelligence or an associated area.

  • Experience working with MachineLearning in annotation environments especially in entity extraction,information clustering and data mining is required; industry experience a bigbonus.

  • Technical skills should include softwaredevelopment experience in a curly brace language or Python, as well asscripting abilities. Writing queries, handling data (ETL), and experience using*nix systems, open source software and libraries.

  • Proven affinity with life sciences,pharmacy, pharmacology, (cell) biology, biochemistry, medicinal chemistry.

  • Ability to drive new developments andimplement process changes and disruptive technologies in the organization.

  • Familiarity with agile softwaredevelopment.

  • Good communication and documentationskills with the ability to convey complex technical concepts to non-technicalprofessionals.

  • Knows how to improve efficiency ofexisting code, always considering performance factors.

What we offer

We welcome you to a truly global, dynamic and challenging environment with great opportunities for personal development. Elsevier’s benefits are very competitive and the summary below will give you an idea of what you can expect when joining Elsevier in the Netherlands.

  • Competitive salary and a 13th month

  • 27 days of leave

  • Attractive collective health care insurance package withconsiderable reduction rates

  • Solid Pension Plan, with a choice between a collectivepension plan an individual pension plan

  • Profit share or bonus plan subject to the company annualresults

  • You can participate in the convertible personnel bondscheme

  • Flexible working arrangements

  • Travel allowance for commuting

  • Reductions to several personal insurance packages due toour collective agreements

  • Free in-house sport facilities

  • Numerous training, coaching and e-learning modules forlong term job opportunities and development

  • Several local and global networking communities to sharebest practices and knowledge

  • Various social responsibility programs, channelingknowledge and strengths to help communities around the world improve education,science, health care and protect the environment.