Teradata Solution Architect in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Solution Architect


Think Big provides expert advisory and implementation services for open source big data solutions. As the first and only pure-play big data services firm, our Data Scientists and Engineers are trusted advisors to the world's most innovative companies. Our experienced teams combine a distinctive methodology and a proven Think Big Velocity Framework that includes tested design patterns and pre-built components, to help clients build applications faster. Think Big helps Customers leverage big data analytics by integrating open source platforms, such as Hadoop, NoSQL and streaming engines, with best-of-breed data warehousing environments. Service offers include: a big data roadmap, data engineering, data lake and analytic operations, training and ongoing big data solution support.

The Solution Architect is a key role in our organisation and for our Clients. The ideal candidate will be engaging with a Client from start to finish, stepping in at the end of the pre-sales process and regularly technically managing the engagement until we have achieved the necessary business and infrastructure transformation.

The Solution Architect should be excited by the opportunity to consolidate large enterprise infrastructures with Big Data technology like Hadoop. The successful candidate will design true multi-tenant Data Lakes for hundreds or thousands of users, in environments where availability and security are taken seriously, and cutting-edge enterprise technology is utilised.

The Solution Architect will be a trusted advisor to our Clients, and should be confident in demonstrating the value their ideas will bring to the business. Successful individuals will have a chance to sit down with global brands to help them figure out how they can do what they do better, and how technology may produce new revenue streams by building game changing data storage and processing platforms using the latest, best and proven technologies out there. At the same time, the Solution Architect will work with Think Big’s technical team to turn their vision into a reality.

Main Responsibilities

The Solution Architect’s main responsibilities include:

● Designing enterprise-grade infrastructures for Clients and technically overseeing their planning, evaluation, implementation and evolution

● Workshopping with Clients to understand their technologies, business situation and goals

● Documenting workshops and defining plans to address discovered requirements for:

○ Proof of concept solutions

○ Production-grade solutions

● Assisting commercial negotiations

● Guide Client and Think Big teams implementing solutions


● Understand the Client and ensure Client success

● Be the go-to trusted solution architecture expert for Clients and Think Big technical teams

● Guide Clients from legacy to scalable modern future-proof infrastructure

● Enable Clients to do what they do better, e.g. faster, cheaper, more reliably

● Open up opportunities for Clients, e.g. new ways of exploiting data

● Identify patterns across engagements and work with peers in Think Big to develop repeatable solutions

● Provide thought leadership

Specific Responsibilities

Advise organisations on how to make Big Data technologies like the Hadoop ecosystem work for them.

Support brand, Sales staff and Account Managers by:

● Identifying opportunities

● Demonstrating to Clients the benefits of modern data architectures

● Networking with relevant stakeholders to support account management

● Participate in calls and meetings

● Present thought leading perspectives at internal and external forums, conferences, community meetups


● Develop and lead workshops with Clients to plan activities

● Understand business drivers, functional and non-functional requirements

● Document outcomes and write commercial proposals

● Define solution architecture and planned activities

Advise senior stakeholders:

● Become a point of contact for solution architecture

● Proactively advise on needs and issues as well as derive solutions

● Guide and support planning of training activities for the Client staff

● Work alongside Data Architect to bring to life the solution and solve Client use cases


● Guide implementation of Big Data platforms by technical teams

● Contribute to and help establish client and company best practice and quality standards


● Provide general documentation on (Big) Data solution architectures

● Provide specific documentation to support Client material, e.g. wikis, for onboarding and guiding day to day operations

● Identify and create patentable artefacts, intellectual property, design documents and author articles/papers


Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

The following are a list of relevant skills expected from a successful candidate. Other relevant skills are considered:


● Excellent interpersonal skills with senior stakeholders and technical staff

● Strong verbal and written communication, with good exposure to working in a cross-cultural environment and the ability to present comfortably to senior management

● Knowledge and experience of data platforms, such as;

○ relational database systems

○ data warehouse or other OLAP systems

○ NoSQL platforms

○ Big data platforms such as Hadoop (MapReduce, Pig, Hive, ...), Spark, Storm, Cassandra, HBase, Elasticsearch, Mesos, etc.

● Breadth of knowledge of technical systems, including enterprise, distributed and n-tier systems across multiple domains

● Breadth of knowledge of technologies, including languages, frameworks and their required skillsets

● Ability to design and understand how to broadly utilise these platforms in enterprise production settings

● Experience of working with engineering teams across the delivery lifecycle to assist in the realisation of production architectures

● Experience in delivering large enterprise-level applications

● Highly structured and analytical thinking and decision making


● Knowledge of architectural standards (such as TOGAF and Archimate)

● Experience of coaching junior team members

● Developed practical solutions based on the latest industry developments

● Evidence of self-driven research

● Technical background

Education and Experience

● Ten years or more experience in relevant roles

● Five years relevant solution architecture experience

● Client facing experience

Job: Services/Consulting

Schedule: Full-time

Primary Location: Europe, Middle East & Africa-Netherlands-Amsterdam

Organization: Think Big Analytics

Req ID: 173242