ASML ED EUV DE BPSQ Beam Delivery and Focusing- Subprojectleader in Veldhoven, Netherlands


Do you have a Master or PhD in a technical study? Do you have at least 5 years of working experience? Plus, proven experience with leadership? Then please continue reading, because you might be our next Sub projectleader (also called: Main Deliverable Owner [MDO])!

Do you enjoy teamwork, sharing a vision and solving problems using creative thinking? If so you will enjoy ASML! It’s a great opportunity for professional development and personal growth, especially when you are a true self-starter, and like making contact with different disciplines at different levels.

Within ASML the Sector Development & Engineering (DE) is responsible for the planning, development and delivery of integrated solutions that meet business requirements and the sector specifies trade-offs across sectors.

The group EUV DE CO2 Beam Delivery and Focusing supplies resources, means and methods, and technology to deliver the specification, design, integration and validation of (sub) systems and the development of new competencies for EUV Sources especially focused on CO2 beam path alignment and focusing.

Job Mission

As a Main Deliverable Owner, you will be a key player in a very fast paced, multi-disciplinary environment. Primarily you are responsible for the timely delivery of a highly critical actuator module in our CO2 beam path. As the design is far from finalized, you will manage architects and designers from several competences like thermal architecture, mechanics, electronics, mechatronics and optics, to drive the design to completion and bring it to volume production. Apart from its performance specifications, this actuator is key in our availability budget and hence a drive for reliability is evident. This also means you have a lot of contact with other sectors like supply chain management, logistics, manufacturing and customer support. In your role, you will report to the responsible project manager.

Job Description

You will play a central role within a multidisciplinary team that works on the overall CO2 optical beam path. Main Responsibilities:

  • Setup and manage the plan to deliver an actuator that fulfills specifications on performance and reliability
  • A proactive and reactive drive to prevent issues from occurring via e.g. FMEA processes and steer upon changes in case escalations show that the wrong choices have been made in the past
  • Ownership on the whole actuator life cycle: this includes technical design, packaging, handling, (involvement in) supplier management and all actuator use cases

A master or PhD in a technical study


Minimum of 5 year relevant experience in a multi-disciplined design task related to complex modules.Some experience in managerial roles and a strong ambition to develop further in that area.

Personal skills

Strong self-propelling behavior. Good (English) communication skills in technical and managerial interactions, also towards key suppliers. Well-disciplined in all aspects of the design and integration process. A drive for quality, combined with a mentality to stick to the plan. Used to take initiative to reach difficult goals. As for all ASML functions the team player skills are essential. Able to quickly react on new insights like field escalations to change the plan when needed. Able to deal with pressure on already aggressive plans.

Location: Veldhoven, Netherlands

Level: Master

Experience: 2-5 Professional

Available since: 2017-07-12

Functional area: Project Management

Background: Mechanics, Others - Technical, Physics, Optics, Mechatronics, Mathematics

Reference: RC06425