ASML Patterning Engineer in Veldhoven, Netherlands


ASML is looking for a Patterning Engineer for the Technology Development Center (TDC) at IMEC. The Technology Development Center extends ASML’s R&D; activities in imaging, and overlay technology, as well as patterning and process integration for microelectronics.

The role of the TDC is to:

  • Understand, anticipate, develop and provide context for lithography and patterning advancements.
  • Maintain technological contacts with the lithography and patterning community.
  • Assist in complex, multi organizational and predictive problem solving.
  • Provide a technical resource to Senior Management.
  • Advance and mentor internal technologists.
Job Mission

The Patterning Engineer will be a key member of an ASML team located at IMEC in Leuven. She/he will be responsible for executing patterning related projects using the lithography and metrology techniques available there and will provide a vital link between the technologists in the two companies.

Job Description
  • Responsible for patterning application support for litho and computational litho within different projects:

  • Supports/drives the activities required to generate the experimental results needed by Business Lines and Development & Engineering in the creation of future applications, including exploration of technical limitations and possible improvement areas for existing product portfolio.

  • Collaborates with Technical Experts/ Fellows of Business Lines on experimental verification of simulations aimed at the use of applications for existing/future product portfolio.

  • Responsible for TDC (Technology Development Center) related ASML litho/metro engagement within Advanced Patterning Center:

  • Supports litho/metro patterning engagements as part of TDC team.

  • Part of project definition team which is led by a Project Lead.

  • Supports litho/metro as needed for APC projects and/or directs IMEC/ASML litho experts during projects.

  • Acts as an expert in own technical area to support requests from ASML.

  • Generates Technical communication: submits publications (1 per year) to SPIE and other conferences.
  • Able to raise concerns to management without direction, both within IMEC and ASML.
  • Proposes ideas/ projects to improve APC IMEC-ASML technical output and ASML products.
  • Demonstrates ability to promote ASML technology and product roadmap internally and externally.
  • Adjusts own activities and directions due to changes in external environment and requests.
  • Advances own project goals and champions’ ideas/ data that will be beneficial to ASML, within context of APC.
  • Masters a single competency well enough to work independently in that area:

  • Sound experimental foundation.

  • Able to translate ASML customer requirements in patterning (litho/metro).


Bachelor degree with typically 7 to 10 years of experience or Master degree with typically 3 to 5 years of experience.

  • Previous experience working in the labs of a major semiconductor company using top of the line semiconductor equipment, acquiring the ability to debug both process problems as well as the limitations of the instrumentation.
  • Background in process integration, test or failure analysis is preferred.
  • Knowledge of metrology and associated tooling is desirable (TEM, AFM, CD SEM, x-ray techniques).
Personal skills
  • Strong analytical skills.
  • Strong communication and presentation skills.
  • Desire and ability to work well with others in a team environment.
  • Able to work independently and conduct project work, track equipment performance and prepare technical reports.
  • Able to plan work realistically and set the right priorities.
  • Able to show persistence towards stakeholders in securing requirements.
Context of the position

The position will be part of Technology Development Center (TDC) and will report to Director of TDC.

The person will work in medium sized teams and will be involved also in mentoring other project members within TDC on litho/metro.

Other Information

Please note that the position will be part of ASML team located at IMEC in Leuven, Belgium.

For more information about this role you can contact Adriana Perca (Recruiter).

Location: Veldhoven, Netherlands

Level: Master

Experience: 5-10 Experienced

Available since: 2017-07-03

Functional area: Manufacturing, Research & Development

Background: Physics, Chemistry/Material Science

Reference: RC05964