ASML Lead Optical Design Engineer/Scientist in Veldhoven, Netherlands



Imagine perfecting an optical system where aberrations are kept to within one thousandth of the wavelength used. One where 200kg reflectors must be positioned to within an accuracy of less than one nanometer. And then repositioned every second to compensate for millikelvin fluctuations. Imagine using a sensitivity matrix with multiple thousands of elements to calculate how to reposition those mirrors. And imagine working with a highly motivated team, dedicated to perfecting this extreme-precision instrumentation and optical system.

If you enjoy working at (and beyond) the edge of what is possible in optics, ASML is your ideal environment.

ASML is the world's leading provider of lithography systems for the semiconductor industry. Our machines use Deep Utraviolet (DUV) and Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) light which have 193 and 13.5 nm wavelengths respectively. The necessary degree of control accuracy is so extreme and the instrumentation needed to enable that control is so complex, that ASML optics engineers need expertise in many other fields. Colleagues in physics, mechatronics, electronics, software, thermal engineering and dynamics all share their knowledge to help each other innovate. ASML is relentlessly driving the semiconductor industry’s ongoing quest for producing faster, smarter and more energy efficient chips. We are a young, dynamic, international and highly skilled workforce creating, with strong support of our suppliers, the lithographic tools the industry needs to achieve its goals.

We are looking for a lead design engineer that takes the challenge to design, test and integrate, together with the project team, ASML's optical functions.

Job Mission

As a lead design engineer in ASML's Optical teams you will be operating in a fast paced and multidisciplinary environment, where you will technically guide a team and lead in the way of working with your optical expertise.

Job Description

Your main responsibilities are: Act as the lead engineer for your optical function Test and qualify your part of the optical function Document the qualification results Solve optical issues, interact with local teams of customer support or our factories. Support creation and updating of proofbook database performance, analyze and interpret data and present conclusions and recommendations Develop / improve on off-line tooling (MATLAB) for data analysis Incidental travel to customers may be required (few weeks per year)



If you are a physicist with a system-wide view, you will certainly enjoy working here.

You have studied for example:

  • experimental physics

  • applied physics

  • mathematical physics

  • solid state physics

  • chemical physics

  • atomic physics.

Also, many of our team members have a background in other engineering fields, like:

  • mechatronics

  • electronics

  • software

  • thermal engineering

  • thermal dynamics

  • material science

  • industrial engineering.


At least 5 years of experience in a multidisciplinary environment related to design and integration of complex systems is needed, with a focus on / clear contributions to optical system design. Experience with MATLAB is a pro.

Personal skills

The following personal skills are crucial to a successful execution:

Ability to guide a team based on technical expertise Share technical knowledge with team members and other stakeholders Ability to think on a functional level and link this to HW and SW designs Ability to analyze and integrate functions in complex systems Ability to switch between complex matters and high-level conclusions, ability to convey these in an understandable fashion. Team player with ability to build network towards other parts of the ASML organization. Self-propelling, showing initiative and drive Flexible, result driven and committed Good analytical skills and drive for quality.

Context of the position

Within ASML, the Sector Development and Engineering (D&E;) is responsible for the planning, development, and delivery of integrated solutions that meet business requirements. This responsibility also includes the specification of trade-offs across sectors.

Location: Veldhoven, Netherlands

Level: Master

Experience: 5-10 Experienced

Available since: 3/19/2018

Functional area: EUV, Design Engineering

Background: Optics, Physics

Reference: req1590