ASML Project Lead Availability in Veldhoven, Netherlands


If you enjoy the challenges of improving the serviceability of complex and advanced lithography equipment, using your availability vision, organizational and communication skills, you will successfully fulfill the position of Availability Project Leader (AV PL) within the availability management group.

Job Description

The AV PL delivers the availability system performance of an integrated system. During the design phases the AV deliverables are driven in close cooperation with D&E; projects and program availability. In the early phases of the design the project leader is organizing the specifications of availability in close cooperation with system engineering. Where in later phases the focus is to close gaps of capability and organize validation of system functions. From KD11 onwards the field feedback loop needs to be organized for efficient learning and improvement. Within New Product Introduction projects you will focus on:

  • Plan and own the AV system performance and improvement to realize AV system specification for MTBI, MTTR, PM, XLD during all design phases.
  • Align AV system planning with all D&E; PCM’s and organize the roll up of AV deliverables via AV MDO’s.
  • Set priorities towards PCM’s to realize AV specifications based on design gaps and field actuals.
  • Set up project budget to realize AV specifications with AV architect, AV engineers and data analysts.
  • Organize AV interfaces: SE for AV specifications, D&E; for design deliverables, CS for roll out strategy, factories for early learning and validation.
  • Organize AV progress reporting to all stakeholders on regular bases.
  • Initiate ideas and improvements to close AV gaps and/or escalate non-performance of AV progress.
  • Work close together with architects from competences reliability, diagnostics, recovery to define system solutions.
  • Communicate the priorities to close the specification gaps to a group of stakeholders in D&E;, program, Customer Support (CS).

Master Degree in a technical area, such as Business Administration, Electronics, Mechatronics, Mechanical Engineering, Optics/Physics.

  • 5 years’ experience in multidisciplinary projects.
  • Experience in organizing new product introductions of complex designs.
  • Experience in organizing projects on system level with interfaces of multiple projects.
  • Proven track record in realizing project results in relation to industrialization, serviceability, manufacturability, availability, reliability, diagnostics, recovery or related to these topics.
  • ASML system knowledge and familiar with project management tools.
Personal skills
  • Strong communication, organizational, interpersonal and team building skills.
  • Self-propelling and entrepreneurial attitude.
  • Excellent organizational skills and “helicopter view”
  • Able to influence without power and speak up.
  • Perseverance in situations when confront with push back.
Context of the position

Machine Architecture and Industrialization (MI DE MA&I;) is a department within the Development and Engineering (D&E;) sector. MA&I; is dedicated to increase the robustness of the company’s products and processes. The sector drives the industrialization of solutions relating to Reliability, Availability, Manufacturability and Serviceability (RAMS) into ASML’s products from concept till they meet the required Customer’s specification and expectation. Within MA&I;, the Service & Manufacturing Technology department (S&MT;) brings together the key competences needed to enable the design meeting the availability and industrialization specifications throughout ASML’s product development programs. Within S&MT; AV management is a group of project leads and architects that interfaces with system engineering and all functional clusters to drive system availability as an integrated approach for system MTBI (Mean Time Between Interrupt) and system MTTR (Mean Time To Repair). Based on design capability and field feedback solutions are provided (reliability, diagnostics, recovery) and direction for program decisions to minimize downtime of our machines and thus maximizes uptime in our customers’ factories. You will interface with line and program level stakeholders within a broad scope of sectors (D&E;, System Engineering and Customers Support) and use your expertise to inform the Product Development Manager, Product Cluster Manager, System Engineer, Project Leader and Function Architect.

You will report to the AV management Group Leader.


Location: Veldhoven, Netherlands

Level: Master

Experience: >10 Senior

Available since: 3/30/2018

Functional area: Industrial Engineering, System Engineering, Research & Development

Background: Other- Technical

Reference: req961