ASML Technical Author in Veldhoven, Netherlands


Do you have at least 2 years of proven experience as a Senior Technical Author? Do you have excellent English writing skills? Can you provide guidance to other technical authors?

If so, please continue reading, because we might have a great job opportunity for you as a Senior Technical Author!

Job Description


  • Raises urgent matters without waiting for others to do so.

Planning & priorities:

  • Creates and maintains planning to ensure the timely availability of information.

  • Reports progress on planning to PL/GL.

Quality commitment:

  • Ensures the completeness and accuracy of publications.

  • Contributes to the increase of professional expertise at a personal level as well as within the team.

  • Adapts intelligently to ways of working, processes and procedures.

  • Contributes to the continuous improvement of ways of working, processes and procedures.

Professional communication:

  • Knows and uses the appropriate channels of communication.

  • Can give a clear explanation of complex matters to people from other professions.


At least a Bachelor degree in a technical area.


Bachelor degree in a technical area with 4-7 years of work experience, OR at least 5 years of proven work experience as a Senior Technical Author

Excellent English writing skills

Personal skills

Specific technical capability

  • Is able to convert a document to a different format.

  • Can maintain the archives (single copy, version control).

  • Can edit illustrations and convert illustrations to the publishing format.

  • Is able to convert input from Engineers and/or development documentation into effective technical documentation for ASML products according to the specifications and standards.

  • Applies methods and tools of the department effectively and efficiently.

  • Acts as an expert user of documentation tools and is the main contact for these tool for all departments.

  • Specifies requirements concerning illustrations, technical input or user feedback.

  • Can create and edit web pages to publish information.

Project management

  • Can lead small project teams in the area of technical documentation and related documentation tools.

  • Can create analysis reports and draw conclusions from these reports.

  • Provides regular feedback on the quality level of technical documentation.

  • Can signal the problems that arise and identify stakeholders within the organization.

  • Is able to and propose scenarios for solutions and independently drive problem solving across sectors or escalate as appropriate.

  • Is able to determine current and future work load for technical documentation.

  • Can give guidance to other Technical Authors with regards to issues, tooling, processes and planning.

Graphic design & styling

  • Can create a design for a non-standard document.

  • Can create designs that can be used on paper as well as on screen.

  • Can create simple illustrations.Can edit complex illustrations.

  • Is familiar with different types and formats of illustrations and can explain why they are useful or not. Publish & manage**

  • Knows the different between document management and content management and the requirements.

  • Is familiar with the terminology from different technical disciplines.

  • Can identify ASML terminology for certain documents and monitor its correct use.

  • Is familiar with the documentation processes (including publication).

  • Takes ownership for all technical documentation within the competence.

Information analysis & design

  • Understands and applies the requirements of the documentation standards.

  • Designs complete guidelines and templates.

  • Is familiar with the rules and guidelines for knowledge protection and can apply these rules to the documentation.

  • Acts as an expert on rules and guidelines regarding safety and cleanliness and can apply these rules to the documentation.

Write & edit

  • Is able to (re)write technical documentation (Procedure, PCS, FCO, Newsflash) in correct Technical English.

  • Is able to edit technical documentation for spelling, grammar and style so that it complies with ASML standards.

  • Acts as an expert on the use of the available tools, templates and guidelines.

  • Can convert input from the Engineer and/or development documentation into a suitable document for the target audience.

  • Can create a good balance between text and graphical elements.

  • Is familiar with the concepts and techniques of editing.

  • Initiates improvements to documents with regards to technical content and grammar or style.

  • Can edit a set of documents for coherence.

  • Gives Engineers and Technical Authors guidance on the specifications and requirements of documents.

  • Shows ownership with respect to document classification choices (for example OCAP vs. PCS).

Location: Veldhoven, Netherlands

Level: Bachelor

Experience: 2-5 Professional

Available since: 2/26/2018

Functional area: EUV, Industrial Engineering

Background: Other- Technical, Physics / Mathematics

Reference: req437